Hardworkers, fundraisers and life changers! Love for Play2Give


It’s a bit later than planned as I’m a very busy boy, sometimes.

But I wanted to give a bit of love and shine to some of my hard working cohorts who strive to raise money for good causes, are in charge of good causes and/or make a huge difference to many people’s lives.

This afternoon I’d like to highlight the good work by my friends at Play2Give, also known as P2G.

You may have seen a bit about them, they are Sainsbury’s charity partnership of the year afterall, but you may not be 100% sure on what they do and who they raise money for. So allow me to enlighten you.

Andrew Baker

Andrew Baker- founder of P2G

Andrew Baker is the head honcho, leader and all round good guy who created Play2Give. Back in the good old days of his teenage years (cough 2003 cough) he started raising money for the Oxford Children’s Hospital and even won the Fox FM Local Young Hero award for 2003.

As a result of a brain injury suffered at birth, Andrew became quite acquainted with the staff and corridors of the Radcliffe Infirmary, particularly when he endured major brain surgery in 2001. As a way of saying “Thanks!” he set out to raise as much money as he could to support the fundraising appeal for the Hospital’s new facilities and building. 

Over the course of 5 years and many events of all shapes and sizes St Birinus raised £11,000 towards Andrew’s total.

Andrew’s quest continued throughout Sixth Form, where he, along with pupils from DGS and SBS, put on quirky event after crazy fundraiser in a huge effort to hit the £20,000 target. By 2009 he surpassed his target.

As of June this year the total has surpassed £40,000 and doesn’t look like slowing down anytime soon.

Play2Give primarily raises money for The Oxford Children’s Hospital where the thousands of pounds that is donated is used to help fund the specialist medical equipment that is used in the state of the art facility.

In addition to the Children’s Hospital, Play2Give have this year become involved in supporting Headway Oxfordshire, which is a charity that supports people with brain injuries, which formed more than 25 years ago and provide care and support for those living with brain injuries and the Paediatric Eye Fund (PEF), which is a newly formed and small charity within the Oxford Eye Hospital at the JR. PEF raise funds for equipment and research into debilitating eye diseases, with the overall aim being the purchase of diagnostic equipment to help children and babies born with eye sight threatening diseases.

Other charities that benefit from Andrew and P2G’s hard work are Bone Cancer Research, Footsteps Foundation, SpecialEffect, Heads Up and Have a Heart (formerly Help an Oxfordshire Child).

I’ll be honest with you, Andrew’s hard work and efforts puts mine to shame. I take my hat off to him for the amount of work he has done, continues to do and for the astounding amount of money he has raised already… 

Play2Give hold an annual children’s football tournament, as well as fundraising parties, head shaving and marathon running. The next event on the calendar is the Sainsbury’s Superstars vs Play2Give Allstars Charity Football Match. Needless to say I’ll be playing for P2G in that game and Sainsbury’s will be losing!

Andrew and Play2Give, I take my hat off to you. The work you do is amazing and the money you raise is astounding.

Peace, love and compassion.


To donate to Play2Give please click here

To sponsor me as I go through another week of living on the poverty line, please click here

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